When I first saw this car it was painted a dark green, the top was down and the interior was covered with approximately 16 years of dirt and bird droppings. Both quarter panels were rusted thru behind the wheel wells and the top of one front fender. The remainder of the car was really sound including the floors. The car was complete except for the master cylinder and power steering pump. Most people would have passed on this car since it needed a total restoration.
When we checked the data plate we discovered that the original color was silver mink. I remember parking next to a silver mink 1964 convertible at a VTCI show several years ago and how great it looked.
That's all it took and we bought the car on January 5, 1997. Restoration started in mid summer of 1998. The car was finished in early 2000 and used in my daughter's April wedding.
This car has received many awards including being classified as a Senior Car by both ITC and VTCI.