The story of Dale’s 007 James Bond 2003 Thunderbird, #158 of 700 built

     As most of you know Ford made a Coral Thunderbird with a Coral hardtop for the movie “Die Another Day” with James Bond and Hallie Berry. Hallie came out of the ocean wearing a Coral bikini and Ford made the 007 Thunderbird in Coral for that show. They then decided to make another 699 and serial numbered them up to # 700. Ford put special wheels on these 700 different from the other 2003’s and in the dash aluminum turning put 007.
     I really liked the car when it came out but did not want to pay the extra price the dealers were trying to mark-up. I waited two years and in 2005 began my journey to acquire one. I watched E-Bay for a couple months and this one popped up with 5000 miles. I contacted the owner who bought the car new, and through E-Bay told him I was looking for a perfect car. He assured me it was like new so I bid on it, but it did have a reserve. As the bid ended I was the high bidder but it did not meet his reserve. He called me minutes after the bidding was over and told me he noticed I was the high bidder. He said I was only $1000 lower than his reserve and if I would split it with him he would sell it to me. We agreed on that so now it was in Columbus, OH and February.
      A couple days after that I grabbed my 24’ car trailer and headed for OH so not to get salt on it. When I got there it was as he described and we were both happy! We now have 20,000 miles on this beautiful 007.
      Since acquiring the car, I have lost it to my partner who really loves driving it. I think the retro-birds are really a great looking car and fun to drive. I can only imagine that in a few years the prices will increase due to law or supply and demand.


Dale Peck