Greg & Jackie Williams
1965 Thunderbird

It took me 3 years to purchase this car. I had been looking for a 1965 or 1966 Thunderbird Convertible in as good of condition as possible and with the most options.
A co-worker saw this car for sale at a Waukesha car show and referred me to Mike Pierzchalski, who owned and restored the car. I inspected the car and found it to be in excellent condition and just what I was looking for. Unfortunately it was also beyond what I could afford so I did not purchase the car.

I found a decent 1966 Thunderbird Town Landau near Elkhart Lake at a good price that I did purchase. I also started saving money towards purchasing a convertible some day. After 3 years of saving and fixing up the car I purchased I took it to the Jefferson Swap Meet and sold it to Rick Hernke who lived only 2 miles from me in Brookfield.

About the time I started selling the 1966 there was an ad in the Milwaukee Sentinel for a 1965 Thunderbird Convertible. I called the seller and thought it may be the same car that I passed on earlier. After selling the 1966 I called the seller of the 1965, went to see it and discovered it was the same car. I bought it the second time.

The car is equipped with almost every factory option and is kept as Concours correct as possible. I have added:
Electronic Ignition-inside original distributor
AM/FM Stereo-inside original AM/FM head
Red Stripe/White Side Wall Tires-on Michelin Symmetry Radial Tires
Maintenance Free Battery/Inside Replica Autolite case
Transistorized Voltage Regulator-Inside original cover

The car has won many trophies and was awarded 2nd place in Concours judging at the 2005 International Thunderbird Club National Convention.