John Smallshaw

I grew up in Wauwatosa and purchased this car while living in Houston in 2004. I bought it from an ad in the Super Coupe Club of America web site. The body and interior are in great shape but it eventually will need a new paint job since it is the original and it has scratches and defects here and there after 16 years on the road (plus where my daughter put it in the ditch!). Most likely this year it will turn 100K miles.

When I bought it, mechanically it was a bit of a disaster. I didn't test drive it before I bought it and it was a bit of a challenge driving the 30 miles home. The steering was a disaster and it was always overheating. The engine would start great when it was cold, but wouldn't turn over after it had  warmed up and sat for a while. This made going for a trip over to the store quite an adventure!  We replaced the torsion bars and brakes as well as the thermostat. The fact it wouldn't start after the engine got warm turned out to be a cam sensor. Last fall we went hiking out in Kettle Moraine and I blew a hose, fortunately right in front of my friends' house and not out in Monches!
Now it runs great and I bring it up to Wisconsin on a regular basis as my dad lives out in Delafield.

Libertyville, IL