James LeSage

1967 Thunderbird
We are the second owners of this vehicle, We purchased it from my wife's parents in 1981, and have been continuing to return it to it's original condition. The car has always wintered in Wisconsin and was purchased from Knipple Selig Ford in Milwaukee. It had been painted a chestnut brown and had the vinyl top added, although it is a hardtop of which only 15,000 plus were built. The paint has been returned to the original burnt amber, but we retained the black vinyl covering on the hardtop. The interior is still original. There were many new standard features in the "Glamour" years of this body style from Ford in "67" including disc brakes. retractable headlights, suspended accelerator pedal, tilt away steering, padded windshield pillars and sliding quarter windows to name just a few. The 390 (315 HP) engine was rebuilt about 12 years ago at 96K and the vehicle currently has 99K on the odometer as actual mileage. Most of the standard features in 67 became options in later years