1965 THUNDERBIRD

If you are an honest guy, you trust everyone. Big Mistake. Especially when you’re a buying a 50 year old car. The T-Bird that I have I saw on Hemmings on line and E-bay.
What a beautiful car. It was being sold by a used car dealer in Miami. I thought that a car that looks this good has to be in perfect condition. After a few conversations with the dealer, I paid the going price for a issue free 65 T-Bird.
When I got the car it was filthy and and was in sad shape. I had to have the engine and the steering rebuilt along with many of the moving parts on the top. The top also had to be replaced. The tires were changed out and the 3 or the windows fixed. Seventeen thousand dollars later, I have the car that I thought was being delivered.
The car dealer never returned any of my calls. Lesson learned. If you don’t see it in person, don’t buy it.
I retired a couple of weeks ago and took the car for a drive by the Pewaukee Lake Beach. This car is a real chic magnet.
One hot babe asked me for a ride but I had to turn her down. There was no place for her walker