Purchased: March, 1995
Odometer reading, 48,000 miles
Price: $3,000
VIN: 8G87H276449
Production codes: 60H-3A-YS-CS-41-1-W

I purchased this car from a person who worked at Grand Honda dealership, but needed quick cash because he was arrested for DUI. (Luckily the car was not damaged) It had the rare option of bucket seats & console and automatic air conditioning, but the console at that time was missing. After purchase, I went to a salvage yard and found a nice pair of Chamois velour seats and installed those in this car. Those seats were there for over 8 years. 3 years ago I bought a used '77 Mercury Cougar console from Don Holton and white bucket seats & power seat unit from John Draxler of the t-bird ranch. I also had new carpeting installed when the interior shop put in the console & seats. My bluebird looks almost the way I want, except for revising the seats to cloth inserts. As of this writing, the bluebird has 215,000 miles, and is my daily driver! I plan to do an exterior restoration in the spring of 2007.

You will find her also at the t-bird registry, #29122.