Last October, Pat and I stood in our yard, tears in our eyes, watching our '66 drive off to Illinois with it's new owners. The following weekend presented us with another beautiful (top down) fall weather day. Unfortunately, the top on our Impalabird does not drop easily, so we advanced our plan to wait about five months and started our replacement convertible search immediately.
Over the next five months, with the search in high gear, the internet offered six choices for our preferred choice T-Bird; a 2004 Merlot T-Bird with Sand interior. After many, many phone calls and dozens of emails, the Bird we decided on was on it's way to Wisconsin. It began life in Tennessee and it's previous owner kept excellent maintenance records. All the Ford prescribed mileage maintenance schedules are stamped in the owners manual by an authorized Ford garage in TN. Also, a three ring binder with all the maintenance records were left behind the passenger seat.
Look for us this summer. We'll be the ones in the Merlot 2004 Thunderbird, top down, hair all over the place, and smiles from ear to ear.
Pat and Marv