My son and I have been going to car shows and cruise nights for a very long time.  We often went to the weekly Solid Gold McDonald's in Greenfield .  I think it was September, 1998.   My son said " look over here,  it's the car you always wanted."   Well there it was, a 1963 Thunderbird  and in the colors I wanted, white with a red interior.   Well I looked it over and it seemed alright.  It was now dark out so I wanted to see it in the day light.  The owner, his name was Merrit, said I could see it at Jefferson that weekend.   That sounded ok to me.  That weekend we left early for Jefferson.   After about three hours of looking for Merrit and the Tbird, finally we saw it driving in.   Merrit was not driving it though,  the new owner was  driving.  This guy was just flipping the car for a quick profit.   He gave us a story about how long it's been in the family and they needed room in the garage for a boat.   It looked good in the day light and drove well.  I bought it, and gave that guy credit for being a good story teller. 
     Over the years many things have been replaced.  Foremost is a new remanufactured engine and a rebuilt transmission.  New radial wide white walls, new dual exhaust, new heater core, new radiator, new headliner and much more.  It would be easier to list what wasn't changed.
      Owning the car, working on it and going to cars shows have been great fun.  I think it was in 2007 at the Fathers day show at Borchardt's speed shop car show that I bumped into Marv Hoerig and Tom Widule.  They gave me some info on my car and talked me into joining  The CTCW.  The club has been great.  Met nice people and having been taking part in as many of the activities as we could.