I have been looking for the right 2003 007 Thunderbird for several months, mostly on E-bay. About 5 came up in the past few months and I bid on one a couple weeks before with 1686 miles. I ended up being the high bidder but it did not meet reserve. I had an amount that I wanted to spend. He called me later and said he would drop the price $4,000 but still 6 more that I wanted to pay. I told him I was going to keep looking. They seem to be about the same price as the 2005's but in the long run feel they will hold the value better.

The 007 I bought came up with a "Buy it Now" price but again more than I wanted to pay. I was again the high bidder but below the reserve. I had talked with the owner before the bid date to make sure it was a perfect car and it certainly sounded like it was. I called him after the bid that night and told him I was interested and the high bidder but it had not met reserve. He said it was close to the reserve and after talking he agreed to sell it to a good home at my price. He did not have to pay E-bay because it did not meet reserve and saved him some money too.

Saturday 3/10/07 I trailed down near Columbus OH to pick the car up. It has 5300 miles and was perfect. What more could you ask other than yesterday I went to Madison to the special plates division and got my second choice for license plates, "007TBRD" Both Dale & Tricia are extremely happy. I think she is, I'll have to ask!!

This is my first car, a 1978 Thunderbird which I purchased in 1979.  It was my daily driver until 1992. The car came with nearly no options.  Over the years I've added all the factory options available for that year except for: vinyl top, and moonroof or T-roof convertible. My wife Karen and I enjoy taking the car to shows in the summer.  The car has been displayed in Dearborn, Michigan in 2003 for the Ford Centennial, and again in 2005 for the Thunderbird 50th Anniversary celebration.  It was also displayed at the Greater Milwaukee Auto Show in 2006.