Robert Scott

My 57 T-Bird was originally sold in San Diego.  The car was Colonial White, had the engine dress up, washer squirter  for the windshield option, both tops, and a white with red accent interior. 

My Father 'Skip' and I bought it about 9 years ago. From a guy in Pompano Beach, Fl.  He had the car in Michigan before he moved to Florida.  We had it restored in
Ft. Lauderdale FL. where he lived.  That turned out to be bad news!!!!   Nothing worked long, from the transmission to the paint flyn off the car.  After my father passed on, I brought the car to Wisconsin and with all the trouble just went ahead and had Jewel up in Brillion, WI. redo the entire car.  A full Body off restoration.  Which turned out great.  I am pleased to have my car dependable so I can cruise.