M        My wife and I now live at our cottage on Kelly Lake, WI. I�m a retired firefighter/EMT and Shirley worked in production for a renown yacht company. We both love classic cars and are avid fans of NASCAR and, of course, the Packers.
     Always fans of Thunderbirds, we also loved Corvettes, and have owned our '69 black-on-black Stingray convertible for 23 years (350 ci/350 hp, 4-speed, 380 ft lbs of torque at 3600 rpm, drive train numbers match).
     The '69 Vette, however, is not a practical touring car for me at 66-years-old; it's rough and loud, which didn't bother me a bit 23 years ago! Owning a Thunderbird was gaining interest!! A friend (Mark) stopped over and we got to talking about the Corvette. I mentioned that it was getting just too hard for me to get in and out of---injuries to legs and back were taking its toll with age. I said to Mark, my next car is going to be a Thunderbird!
     I didn't think anymore of it when Mark stopped over two days later with a flyer he picked up at a car show with the T-Bird information: 1966 Tahoe turquoise convertible. It's a "Survivor"! The price looked fair---after I did some research---and, since the car was less than a half-hour away, we made an appointment to take a look, not being all that serious. Bill and Doris (in their 70s) greeted us and promptly escorted us to the garage housing the, 66 T-Bird that he's had for 11 years (Bill has owned about 20 classics and still has a couple including a beautiful '56 Chrysler 3-tone, and an '85 Chrysler LaBaron "woody" convertible). We made our move to purchase a 1966 Tahoe turquoise convertible and have no regrets; what a dream to drive! The 390 purrs as our T-Bird floats down the road with the top down---just took our annual Door County trip from our home on Kelly Lake, WI. May I add, we won 1st Place at our first car show entry---Class C, 1955-1975!