2002 Thunderbird Blue Retro Bird

This 2002 Thunderbird was found on a Facebook page with someone asking what it was worth. They were selling the car from their father’s estate. The posting was from Madison so I emailed him asking the price and it turned out the car was stored at his sisters in Eagle. I looked at the car and made them an offer. I didn’t hear anything and assumed we didn’t get the car. About a week later I received a call accepting our offer. We picked the car up a few days later. It turned 9,300 miles on the odometer on the way home. For all practical purposes it is a brand new fourteen year old car. This bird is going to be Diane’s car.
Ironically I have a 2002 Thunderbird model autographed
in Dearborn for the Thunderbird Launch by Nancy Lee Gioia, the Thunderbird Chief Program Engineer for the Retro Birds. See the photo below. Little did I know at that time I would own the exact same color car 14 years later.