It was cold Wednesday night in December, 1969 when I decided to go to the Crazy Horse bar in Juneau Village. When I was driving into the parking lot, a guy I knew (barely) was with a brown eyed girl walking to his car. I talked with him briefly while eyeing up the brown eyed girl that didn't even look at me. I liked what I saw and asked a friend that knew both of us if he liked her. He didn't so I decided to make a move. My friend's girlfriend went to the Crazy Horse with the brown eyed girl on a Wednesday night two weeks after I saw her. When I saw her I was ready to be cool and impress her. Things happened fast, we got engaged in January and married May 2nd, 1970.
    When I met her she had just brought a 1969 Mustang Mach 1 (Burgundy color). It was a fun car to drive but insurance was high, since we were young. I had a love, hate relationship with that car. I loved the look, driving it but hated to wash it. Every time I washed it both door panels would can in (yes, bow in) and I'd have to use a suction cups to pull them back out. 
I decided to sell the Mach 1 and did, as she said "when she was at work without her agreeing to sell it" even though we both signed the title to sell it. I then brought a 1970 basic Nova which she hated cause it was green and it wasn't her Mach 1.
    Over the years she never let me forget I sold her Mach 1. Now that we're older, I searched for one to replace the one I sold but never found one that was right. Then last year 2015, I found a 2004 Merlot (Burgundy) Thunderbird at an estate sale. We took it for a drive it and brought it. She loves the retro Thunderbird look, heated seats and the fact the top goes down.
I hope to never hear her say " I sold her Mach 1" again.